Real Skin

Cassandra Garcia-Hooks

  • Age 42
  • Skin Type Oily
  • Concerns Aging & Breakouts

Casey has normal to oily skin that is prone to hormonal and stress-related breakouts. Casey is focused on treating "years of neglecting to incorporate sunscreen" with products focused on aging gracefully.

About Casey

Casey was born and raised outside of Chicago and recently relocated to Des Moines with her husband and 9-year old twins. As the youngest of five kids, Casey had to find her voice early and she uses it often to advocate for others. In addition to being a power-house working mom of twins, Casey is a Purple sash in Shaolin Kung Fu, Brownie Girl Scout troop leader, and sidewalk chalker extraordinaire.

Casey's favorite products

For oily skin & breakouts

Skin Perfecting Essence

Skin Perfecting Essence

Vital Skin Foundation Stick - Atelier IV

Vital Skin Foundation Stick - Atelier IV

Black Baccara Bond Rejuvenating Luxe Cure

Black Baccara Bond Rejuvenating Luxe Cure

More Real Skin Stories


Malique Miller, 23

  • Skin Type Combination
  • Concern Eczema

Malique has combination skin and his nose tends to get the oiliest throughout the day. In the wintertime, Malique gets bad eczema breakouts on his eyelids which become very dry and can peel. Malique tends to experience dark spots when he gets a breakout and due to hyperpigmentation from sun exposure on a pimple that is healing.

Co-Owner of Lucky Lotus, pT Bicycle mechanic

Souriyno Chen, 32

  • Skin Type Combination
  • Concern Acne, Body dryness/ sensitivity

Souriyno has truly combination skin with bouts of dryness and bouts of oiliness. With some occasional acne, Souriyno mostly attributes breakouts to stress, major shifts in diet, or changes to his skincare routine (his skin is sensitive to new products).

Co-Owner, Greatful Chef

John Cornish, 51

  • Skin type Combination
  • Concern Sun Damage & Sensitive Skin

John has combination skin that gets fairly dry in the winter months. With an Irish/Nordic heritage, John's skin burns easily in the sun and he has experiences come sun damage over the years that led to having some minor basel cells removed.

Artists & Business Owners

Amy Putney Koenig, 51 & Dan Koenig, 53

  • Skin Type Dry
  • Concern Rosacea & Hydration

Amy has been diagnosed with rosacea and cystic acne in the past but hasn't had any flair ups with either in quite some time. These two perfectly represent the skincare needs of someone who wants simple, easy and effective - less is more.

Product Manager, Kemin Industries

Tatiana Giacinti, 36

  • Skin Type Normal to Oily
  • Concerns Dark Spots

Tatiana describes her skin as sensitive and oily to normal. Having had bouts of acne for many years,Tatiana's skin has some dark spots on her cheeks and a bit of scarring and open pores in other areas.

Sex Therapist & pre-school goin' big sister

Laura Federico, 37 & Goldie Federico-Rubin, 4

  • Skin Type Dry, Combination
  • Concern Hormonal Skincare, Children's sensitive skin

Goldie (and her new little sister) has had sensitive skin since she was a baby, with eczema and dry skin pretty common during the winter months. Keeping Goldie and baby sun protected and moisturized while avoiding irritants is always high priority. Laura is currently focused on navigating post-partum body skincare and hormonal changes in faical care. She runs HOT - always searching for products that work with hormonal changes in skin, and oily, sweaty moments without overdrying and flaking.

Owner, Eden

Hannah Krause, 34

  • Skin Type Dry & easily Irritated
  • Concern hydration, Fine lines, & Sun damage

Hannah has very dry skin that is easily irritated. She struggles with wanting to use products that promote cell turnover and aging gracefully, but they tend to make the skin around her chin get irritated with dry patches. 

Director of Sales, Eden

Joshua Signs, 33

  • Skin Type Oily
  • Concern Texture & Balanced hydration

Joshua describes his skin as oily to oily predominate combo. Teen years riddled with “trying all the things” resulted in heavily textured skin and post acne hyper-pigmentation. He has extremely resilient thick skin and has been using heavy actives and strong forms of exfoliation to balance and keep his skin clear and bright.

Brand Director, Eden

Torri Myers, 30

  • Skin Type Normal & Easily Irritated
  • Concern Preventative Care

Gentle cleansers and richer moisturizers are Torri's go-to. As her Eden Team encourages, she's started using chemical exfoliants in the past year, and gentle ones at that, sparingly - great to combat dullness. She's consistent with sun protection and at home facials with skincare devices to lift, sculpt, and allow for a deeper absorbtion of hydrating products.

Director of Education & Content Management

Emma Keithley, 24

  • Skin Type Oily/Combo
  • Concern Hormonal Breakouts

Emma deals with breakouts mostly around the chin and cheek area. When curating a routine for herself, targeting the texture and dullness after breakouts are Emma's largest concerns.


Real Skin Stories

We selected a diverse group of Eden customers to share their skincare stories and what products they count on to help keep their skin healthy. Our hope is that these real skin stories from real people feel more relatable than the air-brushed perfection we see all too often in the beauty industry.  Remember there is always the Skincare Consultation form if you'd like our thoughts on what products may be right for your real skin.