Enfance Paris

Soothing Protective Soap


For the first baths of baby, an extra soft superfat soap bar with organic Shea butter and organic vegetable oils of Camelina and Coconut known for their nourishing and protective virtues.

Specific to the daily wash of babies from 0-3 years old, it ensures a gentle wash while respecting the natural balance of the skin. With its creamy foam, the soap gently washes and moisturizes the epidermis and scalp of the little ones. Composed of 100% natural ingredients, it draws its smell from the essential oil of Officinal Lavender which completes its composition and gives it calming and soothing properties, ideal for the evening bath. Camelina oil protects skin irritated by diaper rash.

Enfance Paris soaps are formulated with ingredients specific to each age, it is important to respect these ages. Due to the absence of coloring in our formulas, the soaps are mounted on pretty ribbons printed in the colors of each age category. In the bathroom you can identify and differentiate your soap.

Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.
Made in France
3.5 OZ

Enfance Paris recommends: Between 0 and 6 months we recommend to follow your personal rhythm and that of your baby. If he sleeps or if you are tired no need to give a bath every evening, the areas to keep clean on a daily basis are the navel and the seat. The bath must be and remain a soft and reassuring moment for your child more than a great cleansing of the skin which is still very thin.

We advise you to wash your hands with the 0-3 years soap directly in the baby bath water in order to dissolve its nourishing and soothing oils. You can then install your baby for a sweet moment of relaxation by gently applying water to the body and skull and start the bedtime routine. Carefuly check the temperature of the water and that of the bathroom to avoid too large temperature differences. The more it grows, the more you will need to use the soap, and it is generally recommend to wash from "cleanest to dirtiest" : we start with the head and end with the seat.

Once in its deckchair, pass the ribbon around your wrist and start the toilet by soaping the whole body on the skin. For baby's little hair the soothing protective soap 0-3 years is also suitable for the scalp. Lather by massaging the body and skull, no need for washcloth or sponge. You can then rinse the body with clean water, the fine and light foam of Enfance Paris soap bars rinses quickly. Once the toilet is finished, pass the soap under clear water and then hang it by its ribbon to optimize its life.

de Karité*/Shea Butter* (Sodium Shea Butterate*), Huile de
Tournesol*/Sunflower Oil* (Sodium Sunflower-seedate*), Eau/Water (Aqua),
Huile de Noix de Coco*/ Coconut Oil* (Sodium Cocoate*) Glycerin(e)**,
Huile vierge de Cameline*/Camelina Oil* (Sodium Camelinate*), Huile
Essentielle de Lavande*/Lavender Essential Oil* (Lavandula Angustifolia
Oil*), Linalool***.*Ingrédient issu de l’agriculture biologique (from
organic farming).**Issu de la transformation d’ingrédients biologiques.
***composant naturel des huiles essentielles. 100% des ingrédients sont
d’origine naturelle dont 76,6% issus de l’agriculture biologique.

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