Field of Grass | 3oz Candle



It was quite late at night, the whole building was quiet, and there was Paul playing this enchanting song, with him humming and "ooh-ing" the melody line. The simple ending arrangement with a final "blue note" adds an unexpected anticipatory chord to hang in the air while Paul repeats the song's title for the last time.

The sweetness of it all, the delicate nature of the piece, and the relaxing effect the song has on one's mood.

 The summer air hardly blowing, heavy and humid like the scent of mist loitering in a new morning ray or a call unto drowsy fields.

I know this feeling. 

Field of Grass; Inspired by the song and recording of 'Mother Nature's Son.'

With top notes of summer grass under a sun shower, a middle harmony of golden flowers, green tea, and lemon blooms that float to create an ever-present, greener, and sweeter nostalgic memory.


  • up to 16 hours of a delicate fragrant atmosphere when burned properly.
  • Our petite candles are tinted black with ingredients extracted from vegetable oils that are both Prop65 and REACH compliant. 
  • Inky black when lit, a light grey crystallization or texture may appear on the unlit candle surface. This is considered a unique part of working with natural colorants.

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