Extra Soft Body Brush


Herbitual® Revive and Renew, Extra Soft Body Brush, is a luxuriously soft massaging dry brush, suitable for normal to sensitive skin. It gently exfoliates dead skin cells and stimulates the lymphatic system, to promote a healthy, vibrant, softer skin barrier. We recommend using the Extra Soft Body Brush, every other day - before showering or bathing - to polish, stimulate and revitalize your skin. Combine with a Herbitual® moisturizing ritual, for happy, healthy skin that glows.  

FSC Certified Beech, with natural bristles
Manufactured in Germany

Always brush towards the heart. Start at the feet and use long, gentle

strokes toward the knees, working your way around the lower legs. Do the
same for the thighs, brushing upward, from the knees to the hips. Move
to the lower buttocks, sweeping upward towards the outside of your hips
and back. Gently brush from the back of the hand to the elbow and from
the elbow to the shoulder. For the stomach, start in the pelvic region
and brush in a clockwise direction to aid digestion. Next, brush from
the stomach over the lower ribs - and finally, from the collar bones
towards the heart.

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