Air Freshener Spray


An Instant Home Refresh at the press of a button - without the harmful ingredients.

Cold Plunge | Restorative, fresh, and serene. An invigorating mix of Eucalyptus and Grapefruit essential oils, it makes your space smell cool and herbal.

Smells like: Crisp mornings and fresh citrus.

Warm Linen | Soft and smooth. A calming mix of Lavender and Vanilla essential oils, it makes your space feel gentle and inviting.

Smells like: Soft blankets and homemade baking.

Urban Garden | Herbal, crisp, and uplifting. An energizing mix of Blood Orange and Basil essential oils, it makes your space smell light and vibrant.

Smells like: Tart cocktails and sweet herbs.

// 4.8 fl oz.


Hold the can upright, gently press the button, and hold.

Warm Linen - Ethyl alcohol, lavender, vanilla, linalool, nitrogen

Cold Plunge - Ethyl alcohol, eucalyptus, grapefruit, limonene, nitrogen

Urban Garden - Ethyl alcohol, blood orange, basil, linalool, nitrogen

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