Dr. Barbara Sturm

Dr. Barbara Sturm believes that facial skincare regimes should be simple but yield maximum results. Her regime deploys ingredient science to focus on fundamental skin hydration, protection of the skin matrix and barrier function, and reducing irritation.

Dr. Barbara Sturm is a renowned aesthetics doctor, known for her anti-inflammatory philosophy and anti-aging techniques with non-surgical skin treatments. Read some thoughts on her skincare from our community! 

Winter Kit - Andrea

The foaming face wash is perfect for day and night, and lasts forever. I like the calming serum but I’m addicted to the night one. I swear it’s a miracle-worker. Like you go to bed with a blemish forming and it wipes it out. The super anti-aging face cream is money. It’s the perfect weight - all the products are. It plumps my skin. I wish I could bathe in it. The face mask is deeply moisturizing. Something I noticed with these products is that my skin, which is prone to breaking out when I try new things, welcomed these products like old friends. 


Super Anti-Aging Neck and Decolletage Cream - Torri
There's a couple reasons why this is one of my favorite Sturm products in the shop:
1. I've had pretty noticeable horizontal neck lines for as long as I can remember. It doesn't bother me that much to really do anything about it, but I figure a cream is the most effortless thing I can do. Let me tell you: By the time I close the lid and set the jar down, the lines are SO MUCH less deep/creased after applying this neck cream. This is because there is a firming mushroom extract in the product that tightens the skin so slightly.
2. I'm a combination side and back sleeper. I can just hear my chest screaming at me "you're not doing any favors, here" when I'm on my side. While I thought the Super Anti-Aging line would be of no use to someone in their early 30's, I'm LOVING that I've started using this cream for my neck lines, side-sleeping crinkles, for immediate smoothing and for preventative use.


Balancing Toner - Hannah 

I have noticed a big difference in the clarity of my skin (less blemishes and dry patches) and overall brightness since using this balancing toner. I have very sensitive and dry skin and this is a very gentle product. I use morning and night after cleansing and apply my serum while my skin is still a little damp with this product. I found that the steps like toning that can often be overlooked are what have taken my skin to the ‘next level’ or finally solved a pesky problem I’ve been managing. I highly recommend having a toner in your routine and I love this one.

Winter Kit - Jamie

Lip Balm - This has become a favorite for me to put on after I've washed my face in the morning and again, at night. I feel like my lips stay hydrated all day. It's the silkiest texture and is so lightweight. It just feels luxurious!

The Night Serum - THIS. When I wake up after using this, I seriously feel like I've had botox the night before. My skin looks so smooth, it has a more even complexion, and it just looks plump. This is by far the best serum I've ever used and I can see a difference every morning. 

Super Anti-Aging Face Cream - A little goes a long way with this product. I love how rich this cream is but it doesn't stay on top of your skin, it immediately soaks in. It seems to make my face feel firm and ready for the day. As someone who deals with rosacea, I can notice a difference in my skin tone while using this, especially during the winter months.