Delight in the Discovery: A Look Into The Self-Care Discoveries of Eden's Owner

An interview with Hannah, the owner of Eden. Take a peek into her journey to self-care, her favorite beauty resources and her hopes for the future in this industry.

What is your favorite part of your self-care routine?

"Any evening that I can carve out time to take a bath feels so therapeutic to me.  I lean all the way in and light a candle, put a podcast on, and load up the tub with bath salts.  It feels like I'm giving myself a giant hug."

Was there someone or something that shaped the way you view self-care or beauty rituals? 

"I've loved beauty since I was a little kid.  I can remember going to the drug store with my parents and begging to go to the makeup aisle just to look at all the glorious products.  In middle school and high school I used to host a "salon day" at my house before any big school dance and I'd do hair and makeup for literally a dozen of my girlfriends.  I was always scrambling to get myself together at the last second but I loved the chaos and loved making other people feel beautiful.  My dream in college was actually to graduate and open a beauty salon.  Life had other plans but owning Eden feels like I fulfilled that dream."

Give us your best beauty/self-care hack or tip at the moment!

"No makeup!!  I got Lasik eye surgery a few months ago and wasn't able to wear any eye makeup for about 6 weeks.  It got me into a routine where I'm rarely wearing makeup and I'm loving it.  It feels powerful to bare your skin and be confident.  I usually still use an eyebrow gel and a little lip gloss if I need to look more pulled together."

What are your favorite resources for 'keeping in the know' or discovering new products? 

"I follow the CAP beauty newsletters and blog that has always introduced me to great indie beauty brands.  Violet Grey is my gold standard for anything luxury beauty.  I subscribe to way too many magazines so I'm always reading about beauty - Vogue is a great resource!"

What do you want to see in the future of the beauty industry?

"Less saturation.  I'm currently overwhelmed by how many emerging brands there are in skincare and beauty every day.  Celebrity brands, "clean" brands, Frenchi brands - how are we supposed to know what is actually "the best"!?!  At Eden,  I'm laser-focused on curating the shop in a way that does the work for our customers of breaking through the clutter and showcasing what we think are truly the best, most worthwhile investments in beauty right now.  I'll say, it's pretty fun to have the job of trying everything to find the best stuff out there :)"