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The Daily Lash Ritual


The DAILY LASH RITUAL was developed by beauty expert, Sarah Maxwell to promote long, healthy, sculpted lashes in an easy-to-follow, daily system.

This three-pack of products includes livylash LENGTH growth serum, livylash LAYER keratin conditioning treatment, and livylash LAVISH sculpting mascara. They're designed to work together as a system to acheive maximum results.

The DAILY LASH RITUAL will create longer, stronger, and fuller lashes without the potential side effects of prescription products. Each product is paraben-free and safe to use with lash extensions or lash lifts.

Length serum // 5mL
Layer treatment // 7mL
Lavish mascara // 7mL

  1. Apply Length (Growth serum) to the skin closest to the lashes (the lash root) from the inner lash line to the outer edge of lashes. Use an applicator brush to gently layer one thin coat on the upper lash line. 
  2. Apply Layer (Keratin Conditioning Treatment)
  3. Apply Lavish (Sculpting Mascara)

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