Sensitive Resina Conditioner | Conscia

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Moisturizes your hair without any irritants, allergens, or essential oils and soothes inflammation for optimal scalp and skin health. Lycopene protects the integrity of the strand but avoids build-up that can be an issue for agitated microbiomes.

Designed for: Sensitive, allergy-prone, irritated, or inflamed skin and scalp

Frequency of usage: Daily or every wash

Formulated with:

  • Aloe Vera for a healing boost
  • Neem for anti-inflammatory properties
  • Daikon Seed Extract to improve moisture and shine

FULL SIZE: 120g/4.32oz (equal to 4 bottles of 8oz conditioner)

TRAVEL SIZE: 32g/1.13oz (equal to 1 bottle of 8oz conditioner)


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