Reed Diffuser | La Tour Eiffel


Proudly exhibit your home fragrance diffuser to decorate your interior space and perfume your everyday life.

Scent: Amber & Spices

La Tour Eiffel fragrance unveils an amber note, a nod to the red colour of the tower at its origin, associated with spicy notes, to echo the opening to the world of the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1889. Its slightly fruity top note with balsamic notes gives way to a floral and spicy heart on a subtly powdery vanilla base, for a colourful and gourmet journey. // 4 OZ

When using the home fragrance diffuser for the first time, let the reeds

soak in the perfume for the night, then drain them in the glass vessel
and turn them over to begin diffusing the fragrance. You can repeat this
action as often as needed to reactivate the fragrance diffusion.

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