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Incense Sample Kit


Incense Sample Kit: Experience all four ritual incense blends in this custom sample box. Convenient and great for travel as well.

Freely: Hinoki • Palo Santo • Copal 

Truly: Palo Santo • Yerba Santa • Breuzinho  

Cosmically: Boswellia Sacra • Frankincense • Dammar  

Nightly: Cedar Leaves • Lavender • Breuzinho 

Handcrafted in Los Angeles

How To Burn Incense Rope + Paper:

1. set your intentions

2. light the tip of the incense

3. fan out after a few seconds

4. place on a heat-safe surface like a dish or a bowl

5. clear your thoughts and go within

Includes:  2 each X Freely, Truly, Cosmically, Nightly incense ropes

*burn time: paper 3-5 mins each / incense rope 30-40 mins each

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