Josh Rosebrook

Hydra Trio


The Hydra Trio set contains three best-selling Josh Rosebrook hydration products bundled together in a travel ready pouch. This hydration-enhancing collection is perfect for adding hydration and protection to any skincare routine. 

3.3oz - Hydrating Accelerator is more than just a toner. This multi-functioning spray tones down feelings of inflammation while giving skin a hydrated feel to provide a toned appearance. 

.5oz - Hydration Boost was designed to deliver the ultimate hydration. This is an essential oil-free serum that delivers concentrated botanical hyaluronic acid for a feeling of plump hydration.

.5oz - Vital Balm Cream is a multi-benefit moisturizer to give skin a hydrated and restorative look. Formulated with aloe vera and rich plant oils for a supported and regenerated feel. 

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