Hand Cleansing Spray | Mint & Fig


This no-rinse hand cleansing spray reinvents the hydro-alcoholic gel. A new daily companion that is enriched by organic Aloe Vera and natural glycerin. Its advanced formula packed with vitamins and naturally virtuous active ingredients, it eliminates impurities gently, for skin that is clean, refreshed and soothed. // 1.69 fl oz


The break is exhilarating, you are served a mint tea. Stop off on the shores of the Mediterranean, under a summer heat, the infused mint is invigorating. Accompanied by a ripe fig, its slightly powdery fragrance offers a timeless moment. In your hands, the escape is instantaneous, its aromatic scent lasts for long minutes, let yourself go.

Alcohol denat, Aqua(water), glycerin, aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, parfum (fragrance). *Certified organic ingredient.

Concentrated at between 61% and 65% of alcohol (Ethanol 96°)

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