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Forgiveness Ritual Kit


Forgive those who have caused you pain. Forgive yourself for holding onto the pain. Forgiveness is courage. Forgiveness is self-freedom. Forgiveness is lightness of being. Allow your heart to open and expand. Find peace from within. Radiate Love and end the heavy burden of karma.

Empowered by the Scolecite gemstone. Burn Freely & Closley to fill the air with loving light. Intend, write, release and call in with the Intention Incense Papers. This Forgiveness Intention Ritual Kit creates the sacred space ending self-burden and to begin anew.

Third Eye & Crown Chakras

Handcrafted in Los Angeles

**Ceramic Incense Holder sold separately

How To Burn Incense Rope + Paper:

1. set your intentions

2. light the tip of the incense

3. fan out after a few seconds

4. place on a heat-safe surface like a dish or a bowl

5. clear your thoughts and go within

Includes:  4 Nightly Ritual Incense Ropes 1 Honor Intention Incense Paper 2 Release Intention Incense Paper 1 Begin Intention Incense Paper

*burn time: paper 3-5 mins each / incense rope 30-40 mins each

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