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Botanical Scented Card - Lavender


Lavender is known for its calming and relaxing properties. In fact, this scent wraps around you gently like a warm blanket. It is slightly woody with a touch of creaminess, and has a therapeutic quality that will make your worries fade away. // 1 Blank card with envelope

The Botanical Scented Collection contains specially created fragrance chips that are dipped in fragrance oils, dried to perfection, then sealed and packaged with every card. Send a scent along with your message, and we assure it will be a memorable one.

Note: The scent comes from the fragrance chip, not the card itself.
This is in order to preserve the fragrance for as long as possible.

A scent can last for 2-4 weeks once the fragrance chip is removed

from its original packaging. When left in its sealed state, the scent
lasts permanently. Once it is opened, you can place the chip back in its
original packaging in order for the scent to last longer, up to 2-3

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