Sunburn SchmunBurn

We all know what time it is!


Here are a few products we personally use

to help when you have already been struck

with the burn.

Bioderma ABC Micellaire Wipes/Solution:

Cleaning a sunburn can be a true pain, but these two keep it easy/painless/refreshing. The wipes make a perfect touch up for sunscreen!

Poppy and Someday Gypsy Rose Toner:

We use this as a prep step before adding moisture back into stressed skin. Rose Hydrosol really penetrates deep while giving a boost of added nutrients. Throw in the fridge for an added cool factor.

Sunpotion Shea Butter:

The true Mother Moisture!!!!! This stuff is no joke. If you’re cool with the extra step of breaking this down, it will quickly melt away your burn in no time!

Fresh Rose face mask / Kiehl’s Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Mask:

For those of you with some extra time to treat. These two masks both utilize a cooling gel formula to sooth irritation and deliver high boosts of hydration. Well worth the added wait.


There you have it! We truly hope no one has to result to these added treatments, BUT it is Iowa and you feel how hot it is today!!!!

We have you covered!


-Dena + Josh


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