eden product love: May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon

Wow……Where does one even begin to express their love for a product? Texture? Color? Package? Effects? The Blue Cocoon truly has it all.

A Glorious Balm to oil moisturizer with the ability to transform the most normal to troubled skin into a beautiful, bright, and clear complexion!

This waterless and waxless balm melts directly into skin upon contact to drive in the most trans-formative ingredients into skin leaving it soothed and hydrated beyond comprehension.

Heavy amounts of Blue Tansy combined with an array of equally impressive oils (Camellia, Myrrh, Frankincense, Marula just to name drop a few) give this wonder its intense blue hue.

Around the shop this has quickly risen to quite of few of your favorite eden teams top shelfies. It seems like collectively we’ve all experienced the benefits of this balm. Spanning every facet of skin (from normal/sensitive/oily/rough) WE ARE HOOKED!!!

Stop in experience and let us rave to you about how much we love May Lindstrom and her beautiful products!



Beauty Balm

May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon

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