1. PamJenn, this is extraordinary! Felt like I mourned the death of a family member this weekend! Had lunch with friends in Des Moines Saturday and we ALL had such special memories of Younkers! We commented that we felt like we were talking about a person instead of a store! Thank YOU for this!
  2. R.H.Jen and John, Your farewell to Younkers was touching and poignant. The one and only time I ventured inside the building was on the final week that it was opened. It was during my lunch hour from work (out in WDM). Being a history geek, I wanted to at least see the store before it closed. I hurried through the store in 30 minutes. No, there wasn't anything I wanted to buy. I wanted to experience being in there. The lone regret was never having a chance to see the Tea Room. I heard about it in high school when I would come down when my school was in the state tournament. The pictures of the Tea Room will be the closest I would get to see it in person. Always hold those memories to your heart for they will be the ones you cherish forever.

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